Fire Hose Pants - Last Pants Standing
Fire Hose Pants Long Zipper Pull

Front Belt Loop Is A

40% Longer Zipper Pull

6 one inch belt loops

Double Weave
Last Pants Standing
Legendary Fire Hose Pants stands up to any challenge. Outlast. Outwork. Out-tough average work pants.
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Tougher than an angry beaver's teeth
Heroic Durability

Yanked down cobblestone streets. Pulled up flights of stairs. Our legendary Fire Hose canvas was once wrapped around fire hoses, so you know it's tough.

98% Would recommend to a friend.
Crouch without the ouch with our hidden crotch gusset.
Buy 'em now, wear 'em forever. $64.50
Get Some $64.50

Cargo Pockets
with tuckability

Fire Hose Pants Back View

4" wide belt loop prevents
belts from riding up

Pockets reinforced with
rivets & bar tacks

Fire Hose Pants Left View

pocket bags

Outer Pockets
keep your tools handy

Left and right side
Utility Straps

Twice as
tough cuffs

Triple Stitched
for durability

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Fire Hose: 1, Wild Boar: 0
Fire Hose Jeans saved my life

Brian F. from Texas was attacked, gored and knocked unconscious by a 644-lb. wild boar, but survived when the boar's tusks didn't break through the Fire Hose material.

Fire Hose Pants Front View
98% would recommend to a friend
Buy 'em now, wear 'em forever. $64.50
Fire Hose Flex Pants
Introducing Fire Hose Flex Pants

Same toughness, abrasion resistance, and ingenuity as traditional Fire Hose Work Pants, but with added stretch that lets you kneel, climb and crouch with added ease.

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Fire Hose Pants Front View Repels Oil Repels Coffee Repels Mustard Repels Blood
Fire Hose canvas specially treated to repel water
Performance Runs Deep

Tony T from Boston protects his scuba gear from rips and tears when he's working as a marine construction diver - at depths up to 180 feet. "They're comfortable to move around in," says Tony, "and they've got all the pockets I need for my tools."

Tony the diver.
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